Label and Certifications


Plante Bleue is a trusted national label for horticultural professionals. It officially guarantees that certified plants have been produced in an eco-friendly manner from French horticultural producers' companies. 

Pepinieres Renault must have production practices that are environmentally respectful. They are defined in a precise set of specifications. We commit in:

  • Optimising the watering
  • Limit the use of fertiliser
  • Reduce the treatments
  • Sort and recycle waste
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Respect fauna and flora of our region

We also commit to respect social and societal rules (safety and health at work, human resource management, role of the company in the societal environment...).

After an audit, Pepinieres Renault has been evaluated and judged compliant to the technical reference document of the Plante Bleue certification (Level 2). 

More info about the Plante Bleue certification (French only)


'Fleurs de France' is the recognizing sign of plants produced in France. 

We are part of the first producers to have received the label Fleurs de France. 

The interprofessional organization Valhor decided, with the support of the French Agricultural Minister, to create the label Fleurs de France. 

"This label is intended to highlight the producers and their productions that respect a well-defined set of specifications which guarantee the overall quality, environmental responsibility, the social and environmental regulations, and mainly the French origin of flowers, trees, bushes, bulbs." (Stephane Le Foll, Angers 19/02/2015)

This new label will be emphasized in our different communications tools (Chromo, commercial documents, invoice...).

More info about the label 'Fleurs de France' (French Only)