Hydrangea Paniculata Pastel Green ® 'Renxolor' EN

Hydrangea Paniculata Pastel Green ® 'Renxolor'

Green knocks on your door ... and offers a harmonious range of colours

The inflorescences of flowers with long pedicels are shaped like rounded cones of 15-20 cm. From mid-July to end of September the petals change colour, get an outline, offer a harmonious mix of white, cream, pale green, pistachio green, sweet pink, raspberry pink ...

All these tints follow one another, mix well and spread, thus offering a delicate range of pastels that is visible from far.

The habit is upright and dense.


Breeding: Jean Renault, C.O.V Européen
Silver Medal at PLANTARIUM 2016 (Boskoop – Netherlands)

Resistant until -30°C or more 
Hydrangea paniculata grow on all types of soil, preferably humus-rich. 
Sun exposure or semi-shade. 
Cut back hard at the end of winter.