Perennial blankets

An environmentally friendly approach

Your garden must be a place of peace and quietness. It also must offer to your kids a place to play, have fun, and most importantly, it should be green right away without any constraint and surprise you with colourful flowers and foliage.

This concept is environmentally friendly, it is biodegradable, and has an immediate effect.
Delivered in rolls, the blankets are quick to install as if the plantation area was created for years...

They are perfect to vegetate roofs and can be used in spaces that are difficult to plant or to maintain.

Convert your trees tower, your garage hill, your rocky grounds, your window boxes...

It is a simple, quick, and convenient method to offer a flower blanket to your garden and to enjoy it instantly! 

A selection of rustic and perennial species permit the reduction of weeds. 

The blankets that are 2m long and 1m wide are made of a mix of perennials (chives, alyssum, armeria, cerastium, dianthus, festuca glauca...). From May to October, the flowers are opening up in different colours. The vegetating height doesn't go over 40cm high.
The blankets can be planted all year long outside of freezing periods and high heats. The July-August period must be avoided.



  • The ground must be flat, homogeneous, and well weeded.  
  • Equalize the ground with a soft raking to create a surface totally flat. Remove from the ground all the rocks and debris. Wet your soil if it is too dry.
  • The cutting is done with a sharp knife.
  • Begin the laying
  • Water immediately the entire surface