Pines Bregeon

 Available in C4 L Square, C7 L Square, C9 Deco 1/4 Stem and 1/2 Stem, C14 L.bregeon

Result of the selection work on pines, the 'Brégeon range' seducted as much in stem as in ball. We graft the entire production ourselves. We are the oldest European producer of this variety created by Henri Bregeon, cousin of the current owners of Peopinieres Renault.
Originated from the crossing with Pinus Nigra, these two needle pines are remarkable for their rounded regular shape and their moderate growth.

Pinus 'Marie Brégeon'

Growth rate is 5 – 9 cm per year, slower than 'Pierrick Bregeon'.
Forms a compact dense mound. Light green needles of up to 10 cm, can naturally and slightly turn yellow in winter.
Spiraling needles at maturity.
Viability of the needles: 3 to 4 years.
Small grey buds with a pointy tip
No resin production.

pinus marie bregeon c4 carr 3pinus mbpinus n. marie bregeon c9

Pinus BREPO ® 'Pierrick Brégeon'

Medium growth, the strongest of the three varieties of this range.
A plant with a round habit, growing more in width (1.20 m fully grown) than in height (1.00 m fully grown).
Dark green supple needles have a viability of 2 to 3 years. Pointed buds.
Very slight resine production.

pin bregeon c4pinus pierrick bregeon-1