Hydrangea paniculata Fraise Melba ® 'Renba' EN

Hydrangea paniculata Fraise Melba ® 'Renba'

A delicious long lasting colour contrast Fraise Melba ®...

The panicles of Fraise Melba ® are tapered but thick and without fertile flowers. At first white, end of July - beginning of August, they then turn red progressively from the bottom to the top. The contrast of the 2 colours reminds us of STRAWBERRY MELBA; very decorative, the red and white duo is longlasting. The flowerheads turn and stay completely dark pink, until the beginning of autumn. These colour shades can vary according to location, climate and type of soil.

Upright and very attractive in summer, the shrub is ideal to be sold in summer.

The different varieties of the Hydrangea paniculata range go well in a shrub beorder together with perennials or in a pot.


Breeding: Jean RENAULT - European Plant Breeder Rights in process
Bronze Medal 
at PLANTARIUM 2014 (Boskoop Netherlands).
Bronze medal at Innovert Salon du Végétal 2015 (Angers France)

Hydrangea paniculata grow in all types of soil, preferably humus-rich.
For a full development of the colours of the panicles, avoid watering directly onto the leaves and flowers. 
Cut back hard at the end of winter.