Manuplac® EN

We produce tens of thousands of m² of plates per year. Manuplac® is a system specially developed for the extensive greening of roofs. The mix of sedums or perennials is composed of many varieties that guarantee a phased flowering from May to September in different colors (yellow, white and pink). The precultivated plate (48x48x7) gives an immediate effect on the roof.

Our realisation is joint with the group


Due to its wide hooks, the laying of plates is simple and fast. It just requires to fit together the plates next to each other. Due to its light weight (20kg approximately), only one person is required to manimulate them. Do not forget to highly water during the laying.


A systematic watering is useful once a month during the two first months (depending on the pluviometry). During heat waves or high temperatures, an extra watering is recommended. An observation of weeding growth is necessary during the first year.

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